Kadey Jadey 繪本童樂

尋回心裏的小獅子The Lion In My Heart


作者:Jamie & Grace
合作伙伴:Kadey Jadey 繪本童樂
語言:繁體中文及英文 (中英對照)


"So much loss!" The little girl heard her mother's sigh, reminding her of the bits and pieces she had also lost. How will she face the inevitable changes in her life?




Changes affect adults as well as children at different levels. This book uses immigration as a theme to guide children to think about the various "losses" they have faced, and to understand what it feels like to experience loss. We want children to learn that as long as they manage these experiences and the emotions that come with them well, "loss" can also be transformed into positive energy.

“The Lion in my Heart” is a book written for children and their families who are facing transitions of any kind.



美國哥倫比亞大學輔導心理學系碩士畢業。分別在紐約和香港從事兒童心理、親子關係、家長教育的工作。透過與兒童互動溝通,發現繪本對兒童學習事物和情感投射的重要性。常與兒童一起讀繪本、說故事、分享生活。作者希望藉 此繪本,以香港人說香港事,讓香港孩子在閱讀過程中,產生更大共鳴。

Jamie received her Master in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University. She has been working in the US and HK addressing children's mental health, family dynamics and parenting. Jamie sees how picture books play a role in children's development, therefore seizes every opportunity to read with children and share life experiences. In creating this book, she hopes it elicits a personal resonance in children in Hong Kong.


Grace obtained her Ph.D. in Social Work from New York University. She has been a clinical social worker and play therapist in the mental health field for over a decade.
As a mother of three who experienced moving to various countries with her family, she understands the importance of supporting children through the process. She wants her children to know her "roots" and hence decided to write a book with Hong Kong, her country-of-origin, as the backdrop.


Waterbear is a Hong Kong illustrator who had lived in Nam Sang Wai for the past 11 years and has just returned to urban life. He has published “The Ear Mite and The Cat Hearing Colours” and “Oh Yeah! I have an idea” in the past few years.

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